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Put some extra intention and crystal magick into what you’re giving your body with these gorgeous glass Crystal Infused Drinking Straws.

These straws do take a little bit of getting used to, as the tiny tumbled stones can get stuck in the openings where your water would flow through. But they are absolutely gorgeous and allow you to charge your water with the properties of these stones and drink in that energy daily.


Carnelian - Joy | Creativity | Courage | Emotional Balance | Love Of Life

Clear Quartz - Healing | Enhancing | Amplification

Amethyst - Protection | Purification | Spirituality
Rose Quartz - All Types of Love | Compassion | Self Esteem

Fluorite - Excellent Learning Aid | Balance | Energy | Positivity | Concentration | Self Confidence

Lapis - Opens Mind | Self Awareness | Peace & Harmony | Compassion | Morality | Good Vibes

♥️ Hand wash only.
♥️ Use with water only. Sugary drinks could cause bacteria/mould to build up in between the crystals. Acidic drinks may cause a reaction to the crystals. Hot beverages may cause crystals to crack or break.


C$12.00 Regular Price
C$8.00Sale Price