Intuitively Chosen Gemstone Set for the crystal healing meant for you


I love intuitively choosing stones for my customers, and this listing for an intuitively chosen gemstone set, palm or worry stone  is extra special. Certain stones vibrate extremely well together; their energies complement each other, and they harmonize when used together to provide you with customized crystal healing. This listing allows me to choose a special set of either three, six, or nine stones, a worry stone or a palm stone from my supply of many types of stones, both tumbled and natural, to help bring you the energy you seek.


How to work with your intuitively chosen gemstone set

Gem sets combine the energies of different gems to create a specific collection of crystal healing energy. You can use your stones individually, holding them in meditation or carrying them with you. You can use your intuitively chosen gemstone set to make a crystal grid, or you can place your stones on the areas of your body which need healing. There are so many ways to use your stones.

When you order this listing, choose the option of three, six, or nine intuitively chosen stones, a palm or a worry stone. You may leave a few words in the comments section about what it is you are seeking right now, or the intention you have for working with your stone set. My wish is to provide you with the tools that will help you manifest your Highest Good. I am so excited to choose the perfect set for you.


Love & Light,



**This product is designed to enhance the intention you give it and can be a powerful tool during meditation and healing. I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice, but can attest to my own positive experience. Healing crystals are a complement, not a replacement for medical treatment.**