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Also known as Shiva Shell or sometimes Pacific Cat’s Eye, Shiva Eye is a stunning natural gem whose pattern is completely made by Mother Nature. 


Discovered on the seabed in the shallow tropical waters of Thailand and  Indonesia, the gem is actually the protective door found at the opening of the Turban Snail’s shell, which towards the end  of the snail’s natural life, detaches and sinks to the seabed. Although each spiral is similar in pattern, as with all organic gemstones, each one will vary  slightly. 


Across the gem-rich countries of India, Tibet and Sri Lanka, many Hindus worship the god Shiva. Many pictures of Shiva show a third eye in the  middle of the god’s forehead and it is from this that the gem’s name is derived.


As with many shells the Shiva Eye is made of calcium carbonate. Although  its  body  colour is always  whitish, its beautiful swirl can vary in colour, depending on the snail’s diet!


Shiva Shell also recognised as mermaids’ money is thought to be a lucky charm for the fishermen. The eye of Shiva is popular to aid in the building up of the wealth. Shiva Eye raises the extrasensory perception, psychic abilities, mental imagery, intuition and concentration. This talisman is used in order to understand the dreams, apart from this it is considered as a powerful wand which act against the nightmares and bad dreams. It is good to keep this gemstone near to bed for avoiding bad dreams.