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Terahertz stone is one of the strongest healing stones. Meditating with it can help improve sleep, promote metabolism, relieve stress and anxiety, reduce soreness, and treat inflammation. 

In addition, terahertz stone offers high thermal conductivity. This can power an individual’s energy when it is scarce. Its negative ions purify and cleanse our surroundings, eliminating pollutants that are harmful for the environment. Meanwhile, terahertz is known for slowing down the aging process, while promoting healthy and youthful skin. Due to its revitalizing properties, terahertz enhances circulation and inner energy flow. 


This stone provides the following benefits:

  • Maintains physical health
  • Helps with bloodstream problems 
  • Recharges and balances the body’s energy field
  • Stimulates cells and aids sleep
  • Relieves muscle stiffness and eases fatigue

Terahertz Crystal Point Pendant